We are a small specialized company dedicated to: Honest and informed sales / Quality custom installations / thorough field repairs / superior overall customer service.

As the owner, I decided a long time ago that rather then expanding I would keep a small, dedicated and well trained staff. By doing so, we can and will maintain the highest standards of work we perform on our customers vessels. Staying small and specialized has allowed us to focus and dial in all of our procedures from handling new equipment at our facility, to field repairs at marinas throughout the tristate area.

At CMI we just deal with marine electronics period. We do not do air-conditioning , fiberglass, generators or mechanical work. Beware of the companys out there that say “We do it all!” that usally can be translated to "We are not very good at any of it!" As a cruising and fishing boater myself, I understand how important it is to KNOW who is on your boat and also how it is being taken care of while work is being done. Be assured that when using CMI, you WILL know” who is on your boat” and that it IS being taken care of as if it was our own.

Thank You, Roger Williams / Owner

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